Accurate Productdata company-wide

With in Coreinform stored data can be used for collaborative marketing activities in all desired channels.

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Working in a team or with freelancers?

With Coreinform stored data is always handy and easy to share with others. Uploaded just by drag-and-drop - backup and versioning inclusive!

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Small product portfolio with high demands?

Simplyfy your e-commerce with Coreinform. Centralize data onetime and provide all your desired channels.

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Centralised data pool

Store, archive and index your data semantically. For all your users worldwide.

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Always up to date

Reduce your time-to-market with version controlled, multilingual available Productinformations for sales channels worldwide.

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Cross platform ready

Coreinform does not need to be installed. It just works with any device with an internet connection and a browser.

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coreinform - manage your data,
product informations and media assets in the cloud.
Specially designed for small and medium businesses.

Whether manufacturer or dealer. The center of every business is the product. Product information is a critical basis of the business. Especially designed to serve the needs of small and medium enterprises, we want to help you to stay agile in fast growing markets.


With Coreinform you can manage all your product informations, data and media assets not only in order to optimize your multi channel marketing.


Coreinform features the range of functions of a Product Information System (PIM) as well as the ability to support your Sales, Service and Marketing team.

It features interfaces for the import (ERP) and export (e-commerce) of product data, to automate product-related processes and ensure always current and accurate data as well, as a simultaneous and synchronous data delivering in all desired channels. A simple and secure user-permission system can easily integrate your contractors and media agencies to make project- and campaign planning as simple as possible. That safes time and money and gives you a head start to get your products to consumers.

Coreinform is an easy to use web application, provided as software as a service. It does not need to be installed, there is no IT department necessary. As a matter of course, information stored and organized with Coreinform is accessible globally. No matter what device you are using.

Go ahead an sign up for a full 30 days trial. No obligations, no tricks, full range of functions!


For further information or if you ever need help, don't hesitate to contact us!

Key Features

iconCoreinform database

the coreinform database is the central feature of the application. add any kind of information to it, like licensing attributes, technical data, pricings or anything your business needs to have a full overview about your product portfolios details. coreinform is fully scalable and absolutely not limited in file formats. might it be any given office document, PDF’s, Stylesheets - even Video and Audio. You can attach it to your products and up- or download it seperately or, if nessessary, export it as a whole. That supports you in having a complete and accurate overview about every little detail of your product portfolio. Available for everyone involved.

Through the transparent storage of your data, Coreinform facilitates the bundling of your processes. The optimization of your workflow with Coreinform leads to significant time and cost savings. The quality and availability of your data helps to provide a higher performance with the same manning level and raises the efficiency of your corporate communications.

iconoptimized product search

With our superior Database we of course added a powerful search function that is easy, simple and reliable. With a google like search experience, you are of course able to search in all product and output files. With build in filter functions you can narrow the search down by filetype, format, category and more. We implemented a smart result suggestion via Ajax, to make searching the database as fast as we could. If you wish to customize the search? not a problem: you can manually tag the information to receive even better results.

iconsales and marketing

As a solution for sales and marketing, Coreinform provides a critical advantage in worldwide interconnected markets. With Coreinform your team is able to access edited and individually tailored product data, documents and assets. Clients and suppliers will benefit from your optimized processes. With Coreinform you can store and manage and export your whole material and allows it to be used in Print, e-commerce or marketing channels of your choice.

iconoutput channel

With coreinform you can not only store data and search for it. Create system - supported marketing material directly from your database because you know that through approval processes data is always up to date. you also can connect directly in your websites backend to promote your products with the latest product information available! use your data for leaflets, brochures, catalogues, simply any kind of publication. you can also connect directly in output channel like twitter, facebook or RSS.

iconadvanced userroles

to keep your data save, we have implemented advanced userroles. You can easily create usergroups and special permissions to keep your team organized. This is where you can control the quality of your data through built in approval processes. The core feature is, that you can grant third parties access to relevant data to collaborate on the project. Securely and controlled.

iconuser experience

One focus we had, is to generate a great user experience. We wanted coreinform to be as simple to work with, as possible. So we implemented a modern Graphical User Interface that is intuitively to control. We implemented a responsive layout with mobile devices in our mind. Everything is easy to work with: any file can be up or downloaded by drag and drop or easy to copy and paste- there are no long click and command hassles. noone will consider a complicated software to be great!


Coreinform is cross-platform ready. It supports all mobile devices and all operating systems, worldwide. Coreinform does not need to be installed. There is no IT department necessary. Plus, it adapts to your business - coreinform is fully scalable. Everything you need to work with coreinform is an internet connection and a browser.

iconCoreinform in a nutshell

  • Generate system supported marketing materials for print and web right from your database.
  • Grand third parties access to collaborate on your projects and campaigns.
  • Provide your international teams with CI material, product information, media assets or training material.
  • Motivate your users by providing news, informations and data in real-time with the Coreinform dashboard.
  • Coreinform is multilingual and available worldwide
  • Coreinform does not need to be installed - there is no IT department necessary. All you need is an internet connection and a browser.%a{:name => "contact"}

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